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Positive Training for Positive Results

About Us

Frank McKane, Jr. MS


At a very young age, I developed a keen interest in animal sciences and the outdoors. My parents took me camping at six months of age. I caught my first fish at one year old. By the age of three, my lifelong enjoyment of dogs began.

I owned and trained all my dogs. My interest in animals carried into college, where I earned a Masters Degree in animal science/biology. In 1999, I learned about the AKC dog games.

I took Lewis, a big chocolate Labrador retriever through the obedience competition game earning several titles before a leg injury forced him to retire. Later, I took Clark, a bulldog-shaped yellow Labrador retriever out of a pet shop and into the AKC hunt test game. Clark earned his Senior Hunter title in 2002.

Then I bought Butte, a perky yellow Labrador. Lewis & Clark helped me discover and refine my training techniques to transform the dog and owner into a TEAM. And where Clark took four years to earn his Senior Hunter, Butte accomplished the feat at 20-months. She earned her Master Hunter title in 2005 and has qualified to compete in the AKC Master National Retriever Hunt Test three times.

After Butte, I earned Master Hunter titles with Belle and Daisy. Oopy, the latest addition to the corps, earned her Senior Hunter title at 17 months of age.

Today, I use my team training approach with all classes. I teach dog owners how to understand, communicate and TEACH their dogs. In turn, the dogs learn that rewards and praise follow correct behavior. I train for success and motivation. And success creates a happy dog with a lot of desire to please the dog owner.